Thursday, June 13, 2024

500 Books Before Middle School


The concept of the program is simple: read a book, any book, and record when you’ve finished the book! The goal is to read 500 books before you start middle school, and before you ask, yes, you can repeat books! If you read 2 books a week, you will have read 104 books in a year. That is 208 books in two years and 312 in three years!


1. Register and/or drop off registration form at the Cimarron City Library.
2. Participants will receive a 50 Reading Log Bookmark. Fill in a square for every book you experience.
3. After reading 50 books, bring your bookmark to the Library. Upon completion of every 50 books, you will receive a new reading log bookmark.
4. After completing 500 books, your child will receive a certificate and small prize.