The Library’s purpose, vision, mission statement and roles: The Library’s purpose, vision, mission statement and service roles are the key principles that shape the development of the collections.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Cimarron City Library is to empower Cimarron/Gray County residents, students and workers to enrich their own lives with knowledge, information, education and culture.

Vision Statement

The Cimarron City Library will be the intellectual, social and cultural heart of our community, providing a place to go for information, literacy and cultural resources, in a comfortable, attractive and convenient environment.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cimarron City Library, a tax-supported community resource, is to provide informational, educational, recreational services, materials and programs to users of all ages.

Policy Statements

Library policies are determined by the Board of Trustees in its monthly meetings. A book of current policies is kept at the Circulation desk for public viewing.

Here are links to PDF documents of our library policies.

Collection Management
Intellectual Freedom
Library Bill of Rights
Expression of Concern for Library Material

Building/Room Use
Budget and Finance
Capital Improvements-See Budget and Finance
Confidentiality of Library Records
Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Recovery
Equipment Use
Gifts-See Selection Policy-See Selection
Internet Use
Open Records/Open Meetings
Patron Behavior
Public Access to Online Services
Public Performance
Public Services

Continuing Education