1000 Books Before KDG

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1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a new Library program that encourages all Cimarron and Gray County families and caregivers to read 1,000 books with their young children before they enter kindergarten.
Studies have shown that families who start reading aloud to their children at birth help to strengthen their language skills and build their vocabulary – two important tools for beginning to learn to read when they enter kindergarten.
Register your child for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. When you register, you will receive a reading log bookmark to record the first 100 books your child experiences.
After you and your child  record 100 books on your reading log bookmark, return the bookmark to the library. For every 100 books your child experiences, he/she will add his/her name to our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten progress chart! Upon the completion of every 100 books, you will receive a new reading log bookmark.
Upon reaching 1,000 books, your child will receive a certificate of completion and a small gift.
Any child that has not yet enrolled in Kindergarten is eligible for this program.
Count any books that are read to your child, no matter who reads the books: brother, sister, babysitter, or even a librarian at Story Hour, Math-4-U and even Learn & Play!
If they read only one book at bedtime every night for three years, they will have read 1095 books! If they read 3 books a day, they’ll read 1095 books in only one year! If they begin when their child is first born and read just four books per week, they’ll have read 1040 by the time the child reaches kindergarten.