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Checkout/Return Policies

Checkout/Return Policies

A library card is required to check out all materials.

Library card holders must be physically present to check out materials. Borrowers may not check out items on another persons’ library card.

Protect Your Card

Protect your library card like you would a credit card.

You are responsible for all materials checked out on your card.  If your card is stolen, report it immediately.

Keep your information current.  Let us know when your address, phone number or email address change so you will receive notifications on time.

Loan Periods/Limits

Books25 Per Card2 Weeks
Magazines1 Week
DVD/Movies3 Per Card3 Days
Literacy Bags2 Weeks - Only Checked out by Adult

New applicants are given a check-out limit of two items the first time using their library card for two months.


Renewals may be made in person, over the telephone or on the library website (See how here).  All materials may be renewed up to 2 times after the initial checkout with the exception of the following, which cannot be renewed after the initial checkout:

New Material (Books/Audiobooks/DVDs)

Material with a Reserve/Waiting List

Overdue Fines/Fees

Fines and fees will be assessed for late, lost, and/or damaged materials.  Fines will accrue everyday an item is late.  Maximum overdue fines are $5 per item.

Patrons with less than $3 in fines may still check out items.

Books$.05 DayCost of Material
Audio Books$.05 DayCost of Material
DVD/Movie$.50Cost of Material
Literacy Bags$.05Cost of Material
Library Card$1.00

Lost or Damaged Items

If an item is lost or damaged (assessed by the library as being unsuitable for the collection), the patron will be charged the replacement cost of the item, plus a $5.o0 processing fee.

Any accrued overdue fines on lost or damaged items will be waived once the patron pays in full the replacement fees.

Placing Items on Reserve

Library patrons may request to place items on reserve that are currently unavailable.

Items can also be placed on reserve through the library website. (See how here)

Patrons will be notified by an email, phone call or text when the reserved item becomes available.

The item will be held on reserve for 1 week at the front desk, after which the item will either be returned to the shelf or placed on reserve for the next patron on the waiting list.


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